Icolithic Studio is all about creative solutions!

Our approach goes beyond stand-alone graphic design and traditional concepts of marketing. In today’s multi-faceted consumer environment, a business’s needs are as individual as their owners and costumers. We are bombarded with media and eye candy from printed and digital images, billboards, posters, memes, pop-ups and social media. The biggest concern is whether people will have the attention span to notice your brand and product. Will you stand out in the crowd? … Will you be heard? What is it going to take to get your project off the ground, and how will you sustain it?

Icolithic Studio’s goal is to take you project to your audience from multiple paths. Whether developing your brand identity or taking it to the next level, the goal will be to project your message clearly in print, electronically, through advertisements, via social media and revamped website, or all of the above.

On the Same Page

Before we dedicate to a project, let’s setup a preliminary chat. Our ideas have to mesh with your vision, and our recommendations have to be laid out clearly before you decide that Icolithic Studio is your choice. Any branding ideas, marketing suggestions and aesthetics are discussed, and your expectations of benchmarks and deadlines are established before we proceed with any proposals or contracts. Most importantly, Icolithic Studio understands that our work needs to be affordable and retain a high level of professional delivery.

Affordability = Accessibility

Don’t settle for less, but don’t blow your budget. You want an effective plan, but you don’t want to be misled with cheap, inexperienced knock-off services. Nor do you want to get drawn into expensive strategies that are unnecessary. Icolithic Studio works with you to devise what’s best for your budget. With a soft-spot for start-ups and small businesses, expect a sliding scale that will give you access to high-quality results.

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