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Graphic Design & Illustration

Graphic design encompasses a huge array of materials, printed and digital. Your materials are integral to getting you noticed, and good design will take into account your brand and overarching needs in both printed media and web graphics. Icolithic Studio does not stop at branding your new logo, we take it and run with it, integrating your marketing into printed brochures, business cards, pamphlets, catalogs, reports, conference programs, published ads, and just about anything that can be spit out of a printer. Likewise, email newsletters, e-invitations, social media graphics, PDFs are but a sample of what can be delivered digitally. Integrating both print and digital materials is crucial, and consistency in your brand is always delivered across the board. Through layout, original illustration, infographics and interaction, Icolithic bridges the gap.

Photo Retouching & Restoration

With over 15 years experienced in news media, we excel in photo editing and restoration. Icolithic is also equipped to take high-quality photos and capable video editing.

Website Development and Management

Having a website is crucial to any business large or small. The ease of maintaining it and integrating it with social media are automatic considerations. Icolithic approached web design using CMS (Content Management Systems) to customize and create effective user experiences for your site. All framework is responsive, and design approach always considers optimal performance across devices and platforms. Developing effective search engine optimization (SEO) with keywords and content will ensure your site is noticed.

As a small business or organization, you may often find that time is commodity you rarely have in supply. Icolithic offers plans for maintaining your site, updating blogs and integrating social media. These plans are customized and scheduled to your needs and can include editing blog articles and updating new graphics and content. 

Social Media

Icolithic considers your website as part of your social media network and selecting the appropriate social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter is crucial to integrating your message online effectively. While subscribing to every single social media service is not necessary, it is important to select the one that is best suited for your message deliverance. To insure you are represented consistently, attention is focused on making sure your social media, website and printed materials share a unified look.

As with websites, your ability to maintain social media and using it to promote effectively and timely resides in dedicating time. Social media management is included with online maintenance plans customized to your needs.

Marketing Strategy Development

Ultimately, your project may encompass many aspects that our services offer. Effectively integrating all your projects and delivering them together for the best results requires planning. Icolithic develops strategies and schedules to ensure that your end-product launches and message is executed with noticeable results. Client involvement is an asset, and we will work together to reach your goals.

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